About Me


I’m a Ph.D student at Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) lab 
in KAIST, under the supervision of Prof. Sung Ju Hwang.

I finished my B.S. degree at  SKKU in 2016, and M.S. degree at KAIST in 2018.

My research interest includes:

  • Meta-learning

  • Graph generative models with a variational autoencoder

  • Deep Hypernetworks 

  • Reinforcement learning

Publications / Preprints

  • Learning to Balance: Bayesian Meta-Learning for Imbalanced and Out-of-distribution Tasks

[paper] [code]
Hae Beom Lee*,
Hayeon Lee*, Donghyun Na*, Saehoon Kim, Minseop Park, Eunho Yang, Sung Ju Hwang
(*: equal contribution)

ICLR 2020, Oral Presentation (48/2594=1.9%)

  • Learning to Generalize to Unseen Tasks with Bilevel Optimization

Hayeon Lee, Donghyun Na, Hae Beom Lee, Sung Ju Hwang, arXiv:1908.01457, Aug 2019

  • Learning Spatial Relationships for Cross Modal Retrieval

Hayeon Lee, Wonjun Yoon, Jinseok Park, Daeshik Kim, Sung Ju Hwang, Mar 2019



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